Happy Halloween

Hello! I’ve returned from the annual family Broken Bow trip. This year we relaxed, napped, hiked and read books. Jake and I didn’t do any fishing, which is fine with us since we get bored with it fairly quickly. We did catch up on every bit of sleep which was a nice break from our hectic life. It was good to catch up with family and get away from technology…to an extent. Although I was without cellular service or internet from Thursday to Sunday I played a few games on my iphone. I was going nuts by Saturday night not having any way to text or e-mail the outside world…I’m glad to be back.

We returned from our trip in time for a little Halloween action. We have tons of kids in our neighborhood and I really enjoy handing out candy – I get really excited reactions to swedish fish and sour patch kids. One of my favorite responses was “no way you have swedish fish?! You are the best!” Because let’s face it…I love being told I’m the best. Don’t you?

I noticed that turning the lights off doesn’t say “we’re out of candy” or “not home” or “we just don’t like Halloween” like it used to…One set of kids even had the nerve to open my front door after I didn’t come. This is when I enjoy having a barky dog…because if lights are out and no answer still leaves kids (and their parents) thinking “hmmm surely this house is full of candy and they don’t know I’m standing here” a barking half Schnauzer will set them straight. In addition to the walk-ins I also got quite a few kids (with their parents) knocking repeatedly, very hard after I didn’t come to the door. Perhaps next year I will create a sign to hang on my door that says we’re all out of candy when that time comes. Most of my trick-or-treaters were very courteous and appreciative though and I saw some adorable costumes and I love being in a neighborhood with lots of kids to treat.

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween weekend!


2 responses to “Happy Halloween

  1. I saw pictures of you and Jacob from Halloween on the Chamblee’s blog. Oh my goodness you look so much like Liz Lemon in the pictures! Zack and I loved the pictures of you and Jacob. Your facial expressions were perfect, too. Happy Belated Halloween

    • I just saw your comment – sorry it has taken me so long to approve. Thank you – I get that a lot! Happy Belated Halloween and happy belated holidays too.

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