11 Months

I can’t believe we only have a couple of weeks before my little guy turns 1! Lately Finley is showing me how much he is learning and I am loving this stage. He has been so cuddly lately and he gives hugs and kisses when asked and also whenever he feels like it. That boy has completely stolen my heart. A few other things Fin started doing lately: army crawling everywhere, pushing everything including chairs, sprouting teeth (5 so far), saying “hoo hoo” when asked what an owl says, signing “milk” and “more”, giving high fives and getting better at standing. He tries to say doggy but doesn’t quite get the GEE right after the DAW. His favorite thing to say is still Dada of course and he only says Mama when he’s crying so I guess Dada is for fun and I am for comfort. I’ll take it.

We have had our fair share of colds, allergies, and ear infections up in the Morse abode and it has made for a tiresome Winter! I am so ready to embrace Spring and sunshine filled days before it gets too hot to be outside.

I am so loving being a mom and an aunt. My niece is 16 months and calls me “Ni-Nee!” Not many sounds can rival her little voice saying my name. Today they rode side by side in their car seats and held hands and for the first time Fin has reciprocated giving hugs and kisses. Baby hugs and kisses are the sweetest.


Love You Forever

As I chose a book to read to Fin for bedtime tonight I hesitated and thought about the families impacted by the tragedy that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary one week ago tomorrow. It hurts my heart to think of losing my Fin at any age. In an ideal world a mother and father do not have to bury their children. In an ideal world the natural course of life plays out with parents passing in their old age, after having loved and nurtured their children. As I have thought and prayed about those hurting for loved ones this past week the verse John 16:33 came to mind over and over.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

That last part means good beats evil. That last part makes me feel better. I know there is nothing that would heal the pain that goes with losing a child and my heart goes out to anyone who has faced such a loss. When dark things happen I find comfort in knowing that in the end the good guys win.

To my Finley:

I’ll love you forever,

I’ll like you for always,

As long as I’m living,

My baby you’ll be.

Forever… As long as I live you will be my baby.

Those mommies and daddies are mourning the loss of their sweet babies, and as long as they live they will continue to miss their babies. Forever.


I am so thankful for Fin. This time last year I was waiting to announce his existence as he grew in my tummy. Jake kept asking when we could put it on Facebook and I wanted to wait until we knew what we were having. It seems like just yesterday we were anxiously awaiting the gender ultrasound and now I have an almost 6 month old. How did these months pass so quickly?! Some days I felt overwhelmed that I couldn’t get it all done, be the perfect mom, get Fin to take a nap…it’s nice now that he is going to sleep between 8 and 9 versus 11 or 12 and I am able to spend a little time with my hubby and get a few things done while still getting a good night’s rest. I think about how blessed I am to have this sweet boy to love on and snuggle with and I am just so thankful. Thankful that he is here. Thankful that he is healthy. Thankful that I get to be at home with him each day. Thankful that I get to be this little boy’s momma. Thankful for all the heart melting moments that make my life so much better. I just want to bottle up the moments when he is giggling, talking, and grabbing my face and put them on a shelf for later when he is too busy for snuggles and chit chats. Moments like these make me want to slow down and have a “do over” button to relive the gut laughs, the silly grins, the learning experiences. I am so thankful for Finley Thomas and his daddy!

Finley’s 3 Month Photos

If you follow me on Facebook you’ve probably already seen some of these shots, but I love Fin’s 3 month photos. It’s crazy to think we’ll be taking his 6 month photos in just a matter of weeks. Lauren is such a talented photographer and my son is so handsome!





First Bites

Fin Eats

Fin had his first cereal experience today! Half of it ended up all over his body and the bumbo but he liked it. Enjoy!

Finley is 4.5 Months!

I intended to load these photos monthly and to write about the milestones Fin accomplished within those months, but my little guy has kept me so busy and blogging falls to the bottom of my to do list. Anyway, better late than never…here are some monthly photos with onesie stickers courtesy of my friend Rachel. I love these stickers! I am still learning how to use our camera and capture Fin’s smiles while keeping it all in focus.



These last 4.5 months have flown by and I can’t believe my little guy is not quite so new anymore! I love spending my days with him and I am so glad I get to stay home. 


Mother’s Day

On this Mother’s Day I am so thankful for all the lovely ladies in my family and in my life. Happy Mother’s Day to you all! It takes a village and I have the best village any girl could ask for. This year I celebrate my newest family member and rejoice that I get to be his mom.

I also celebrate my mom. I love that I can call her anytime to come help with Fin and I love that she loves to be around her grandson so much! We are very blessed to have her so near. Thank you Mom!!