I’m Alive.

Two kids keep me so busy! Ella is 7 months and is army crawling everywhere. Fin is about to start his preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays next week and this Summer has flown by. Fin is very talkative, loves to sing, repeats everything I say and has a funny little sense of humor. He was singing the days of creation and he mixed up day 2 “Day 2 Day 2 God made plants and flowers and …. toots!” He knew that trees didn’t rhyme with two so he made a quick substitute. Silly boy. He knows how to spell his name, every letter, the alphabet song and can count to 20. Ella loves watching Fin and she is constantly trying to move toward a desired object. She’s going to keep me on my toes. Fin is loving little gym and has really started enjoying more physical play as a result and I wish I had enrolled him last year. Oh well. Fin asked Jake to sing “trink’l rise” aka strength will rise aka The Everlasting God tonight and it took us awhile to figure out which song he wanted but we figured it out and he was beaming. These kids are so precious!¬†


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