Fin at about 18 months

Finley is almost 18 months and he is just so sweet and so fun. I love watching his little personality unfold and watching him learn new things. I want to document some things about Fin that I want to remember from this stage. Finley’s little personality is just so cute. He smiles easily and has been called smiley, he is a thinker and likes to sit and figure out how things work, he is very cautious and takes his time with physical movements, he is a little ham and cracks us up, and our little guy is just so sweet and snuggly. I love this little boy so much! Sometimes I want to tell him to stop growing so fast and to stay exactly like he is.


Fin is not walking yet but he is so close! I bought some squeaky shoes for him and they have helped motivate him to keep walking when he usually prefers to army crawl every where. He has also started crawling normally on hands and knees a lot and his balance is improving. He is so cautious and he really takes his time when he goes from standing to sitting. We might have to do some physical therapy following his 18 month check up but I really hope he will be close enough to walking on his own that we won’t need it. Then again, my aching back could use a break from carrying him as soon as possible!


Lately we play the “what is that” game in which he picks up a toy or a shape or points to something while looking at me with questioning eyes as I tell him what each item is. He loves this game and so do I. The other night he pointed to the sofa and I said “sofa” and he repeated “sofa” very clearly. After that he pretends to say it like “fofa”. Up is one of Fin’s most used words, along with Dada and Mom or Mama. It is the cutest thing when he says Mom repeatedly! He pointed to my picture a few days ago and said Mom. We have a little photo book that includes all of his family and I ask him to say their names but usually he just gives them kisses. Fin says up very emphatically when he wants up, when he stands up, or when he is being held.

If Fin is unhappy or impatient while I’m trying to do something I can always rely on a little box of raisins to perk him right up and keep him occupied for a few minutes. Other than than raisins he prefers his fruit in a smoothie. If I put a piece of fruit on his tray he smashes it with his pointer finger and if I put it in his mouth he spits it out with the worst expression. I am relying heavily on smoothies to balance out his nutrition with fruits and veggies! Fin loves his yogurt with something sweet mixed in and he also loves pbj’s and quesadillas. Sometimes he will eat pasta with a tomato sauce and I can occasionally sneak some veggies in with that. He is able to feed himself his yogurt but he prefers if I do it – I don’t blame him, it is much faster and less work for him! If I try to make him do it he quickly turns his palms out to say “all done” in sign. My kid prefers whatever is easiest. Did I mention he isn’t walking yet?

Fin says “awww” when he gives hugs because I’ve said that so many times while he is being snuggly and sweet. I love it that he picked that up and that he gives so many hugs!

Fin loves playing in his new room. There is a lot more space for him to crawl around and he army crawls ridiculously fast to his room so he can play with a favorite race track toy that Alli handed down to us. I use this time to do a quick chore while I hear him playing with the race track for 5-10 minutes. He also loves playing in the tv/play room. We left a coffee table out of this room so we just have a large rug and comfy sofa with all his big toys. I want to get some good storage so it doesn’t feel like a playroom when the kids are asleep.

He also loves songs and books. The wheels on the bus song, the little bitty fishy song, alligator alligator are some of his current favorites. He requests them by doing the motions that go with them – wipers, fishy hands, and tapping his palm on his elbow. Before that his favorite was itsy bitsy spider. Fin’s favorite books are Llama Llama Red Pajama and Barnyard Dance. Close behind are Go, Dog Go and Little Blue Truck. He was saying “go dog go” frequently a couple of months ago but has stopped. It was adorable though!

Fin’s words & phrases:

  • Mom, Momma
  • Dad, Dada
  • Night night, Bye Bye, Hi (sounds like ha)
  • Yiaya, Mil, Pops
  • Cracker
  • Uh Oh (Uh eww is how he often says it)
  • Hol Momma (hold me momma)
  • Kitchen
  • Sofa
  • Please, thank you
  • Shoe
  • Eat
  • Dog, go dog go
  • Go go go
  • Woah!!
  • Up
  • Poop
  • No
  • Walk
  • Got you!
  • etc!

Sorry for the lengthy post. There are just so many things I want to remember about Fin right now and other than my one line a day journal I have not documented his many cutenesses that well. Every moment with F is such a blessing, even those unexplained tantrums where I am tempted to laugh because he is being so ridiculous. This little guy is awesome!


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