Party Time!

Finley turned 1 on Wednesday, the 27th, and we had family over for a casual party this afternoon. I snapped photos of all the  guests with Fin and then we noshed on pizza, salad, and my favorite dip (cream cheese + picante + hand mixer = yum). Then we took a break from eating to open gifts. F got so many cool toys and clothes and fun new books and he loved ripping tissue paper! Such a boy.


IMG_2051 IMG_2060




My friends Haylee made the cake and cupcake and Alli made the cookies – Aren’t they so cute?

IMG_2034 IMG_2042


Fin devoured his cupcake. I gave him one taste of the icing and then his face was moving toward it like an animal. I was anticipating his usual sounds/words when he is enjoying his food (mmm, yum,  and good) but he just focused on his mission destroying that delectable funfetti cupcake! Towards the end he was shoveling the biggest globs he could fit into his mouth.











How did I forget to have a photo taken of us with the birthday boy? Oh well. I’m glad we have some good shots of him with everyone else!

Happy Birthday my sweet, fun, happy little boy! We love you so much. The last year has been amazing and you make life exponentially better. I look forward to all the milestones and memories your 2nd year of life will bring!


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