11 Months

I can’t believe we only have a couple of weeks before my little guy turns 1! Lately Finley is showing me how much he is learning and I am loving this stage. He has been so cuddly lately and he gives hugs and kisses when asked and also whenever he feels like it. That boy has completely stolen my heart. A few other things Fin started doing lately: army crawling everywhere, pushing everything including chairs, sprouting teeth (5 so far), saying “hoo hoo” when asked what an owl says, signing “milk” and “more”, giving high fives and getting better at standing. He tries to say doggy but doesn’t quite get the GEE right after the DAW. His favorite thing to say is still Dada of course and he only says Mama when he’s crying so I guess Dada is for fun and I am for comfort. I’ll take it.

We have had our fair share of colds, allergies, and ear infections up in the Morse abode and it has made for a tiresome Winter! I am so ready to embrace Spring and sunshine filled days before it gets too hot to be outside.

I am so loving being a mom and an aunt. My niece is 16 months and calls me “Ni-Nee!” Not many sounds can rival her little voice saying my name. Today they rode side by side in their car seats and held hands and for the first time Fin has reciprocated giving hugs and kisses. Baby hugs and kisses are the sweetest.


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