I am so thankful for Fin. This time last year I was waiting to announce his existence as he grew in my tummy. Jake kept asking when we could put it on Facebook and I wanted to wait until we knew what we were having. It seems like just yesterday we were anxiously awaiting the gender ultrasound and now I have an almost 6 month old. How did these months pass so quickly?! Some days I felt overwhelmed that I couldn’t get it all done, be the perfect mom, get Fin to take a nap…it’s nice now that he is going to sleep between 8 and 9 versus 11 or 12 and I am able to spend a little time with my hubby and get a few things done while still getting a good night’s rest. I think about how blessed I am to have this sweet boy to love on and snuggle with and I am just so thankful. Thankful that he is here. Thankful that he is healthy. Thankful that I get to be at home with him each day. Thankful that I get to be this little boy’s momma. Thankful for all the heart melting moments that make my life so much better. I just want to bottle up the moments when he is giggling, talking, and grabbing my face and put them on a shelf for later when he is too busy for snuggles and chit chats. Moments like these make me want to slow down and have a “do over” button to relive the gut laughs, the silly grins, the learning experiences. I am so thankful for Finley Thomas and his daddy!


2 responses to “Thankful

  1. We are so thankful for your sweet family! Finley is growing so quickly and is super adorable!

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