Our First Child (The Furry Kind)

A few years ago when Jake was busy working all day into the night I started searching for a little pup to keep me company. We knew he had to be non-shedding with Jacob’s asthma and our allergies. We found a little schnauzer mix named Trevor on petfinder.com that we tried to adopt, along with about 100 other people. We weren’t chosen so we kept looking for our puppy. I was searching on yahoo for schnauzer mixes and on the last page of results there was an ad for a 3 month old schnauzer yorkie mix. He was the last of his siblings to go because he had been set aside for the breeder’s daughter, who ended up not having time to raise a puppy. I called that night and the next day we picked up our little Trevor.


Trevor the dog is about to become second fiddle in the Morse home, but he has been such a sweet companion over the last 4 years. Lately he’s been a wee bit dramatic and even more clingy than usual. I can’t blame him – we ousted him from his “room” to turn it into a nursery and we talk to my belly which doesn’t make any sense to him. He is going to be so confused when we bring home a tiny person who will take up most of our attention. I think once Trevor Tate Morse adjusts he’ll be a great companion for the late night feedings, since any time I can’t sleep he comes to join me on the sofa and curls up at my feet (he’s only allowed on the sofa if there is a blanket for him to sit on). I captured some photos of a shaggy Stinky McGee (this is his name when he needs a grooming) – isn’t he so expressive? I think there’s a little human in there.




Here’s to you little Trevor P. Terkus (his publishing name), thank you for being the sweetest little fur child any fur parents could ask for. Yes, you like to bark annoyingly when people come over but it’s out of pure excitement that people came to see you. And yes, you do often smell like a dog but I suppose you can’t help that part. We love you!


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