Little Morse

I guess it’s time to update the blog. I’ve been on a hiatus for much of 2011 but I’m back with a reason to be more consistent in blog posts. If you are reading this you probably already know we are expecting our first little guy in March. We feel so extremely blessed and can’t wait to meet the little man! I can’t wait to see what he looks like and love on his little fingers and toes. I’m really hoping he gets Jacob’s sense of humor, good tooth enamel, and soft feet among other traits. I haven’t been good about taking belly shots and I probably won’t be sharing many of them on the blog but I will share some other fun baby related things so check back if you are interested.

via pinterest via A Well Traveled Woman

In other baby news, we will not be announcing the name officially until he arrives…you know, in case we change our minds and decide to name him something crazy like Frederica Sequin or Meatball. Meatball Morse has a nice ring, no? A few people know the names we had mentioned before we decided to wait but we may change our minds between now and March. He will have to live with the name his whole life so we want to be sure we love it before we share it with the world.

via pinterest via A Well Traveled Woman

I will share the nursery plan which is way more exciting than belly shots and names anyway, right? Pinterest has been a great resource for pulling together ideas for little mister’s nursery and I’ve got it all planned out. Check back for the mood board soon!

via pinterest via The Fancy

How cute are these suspender pants? I couldn’t resist the cuteness so next Winter the little guy will be wearing these pants. Every. Day.

via pinterest via Zara

A big thank you goes out to all our friends and family for supporting us on this journey. Our little man is already so blessed by you and I’m so thankful that he will grow up around such lovely people.



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