We’ve Gone Paleo

Paleolithic that is. In other words we have limited our foods to meats, veggies, fruits, and nuts. No more dairy, no grains. We are 1 week into the paleo diet and so far both feel more energetic and just feel better in general – no more food comas after we eat. I am not taking the paleo approach to my work out routine which already consists of running and pilates. I am allowing the following cheats:

  • Greek yogurt
  • Creamer
  • The occasional soy latte
  • A piece of chocolate here or there, not every day

This new plan puts many of the recipes I intended to try soon on hold and we are just cooking meats, veggies, eggs with different seasonings and sauces that are paleo appropriate. I tried this cobbler recipe over the weekend and it was delicious. Instead of buying almond flour which is really pricey I threw some almonds in my food processor and although it didn’t create a fine powder the cobbler topping was tasty. I’ve been wanting to make a strata so I think I’ll try this Mexican version soon.

Why are we doing this? A few reasons. Many of Jake’s friends have been on the paleo diet for awhile and all feel better and look better. I was skeptical at first because I love pasta, pizza, cheese, etc and I’m a big fan of everything in moderation. Then I saw this article in Details magazine which I get at work and no I don’t typically flip through men’s publications but since I develop men’s product I have to keep up with what is hot according to dudes. Anyway, the article convinced me that there might be something to this Paleo thing. Also we have a beach trip quickly approaching and if I want to fit into my shorts from last year I need to drop a few pounds. Lastly, I needed to reset my eating habits after months of consuming comfort food.

Grilled blackened salmon & baked asparagus with lemon & olive oil

So far I don’t miss most of what we’ve cut out and I’m finding it easy to live without grains and cheese. I will continue to have a few pieces of chocolate here or there and if we occasionally go out to a great pizza place you better believe I’m cheating. After 30 days of strict paleo-ing we will see what we think about it and how we want to proceed. Chances are I will make the occasional pasta dish but eat a smaller portion and think of it as a special treat. Also, I’m going to continue to bake cookies sometimes because they hold a special place in my heart (thanks mom!) and because I want to pass down that act of love to our future children – let’s face it, asparagus doesn’t quite conjure up feelings of nostalgia. So that’s my plan for food – mostly healthy, mostly meat and veggies, with some fun cheats thrown in every now and then. Life just wouldn’t be as enjoyable without cookies. And you know what? Coconut and Almond ice creams are just as delicious as the cow milk variety!


4 responses to “We’ve Gone Paleo

  1. Wow does that salmon look good!! Welcome to the cave days and dino food! Thanks for visiting my blog. Looks like you guys are going to be very successful at this.

  2. The cobbler was delicious! Kristi and I are glad to have more paleo pals. Come over anytime for a steak 🙂

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