Blog Crush

I can’t not share this blog, design seeds which apartment therapy drew my attention to. The thing is, I love color palettes. They are by far my favorite part of putting together rooms and outfits and though my budget and my desire to live without an excessive amount of things often prohibit me from implementing this passion for unusual color pairings I love them nonetheless. I really really do. Color is such an important detail in creating your home. It sets the tone for the room and tells a story – beachy, happy, nostalgic, serious, whimsical – you name it. In my sophomore year of college I was living in a dorm room about the size of a closet – it was basically a short hallway with a nook carved out for my bed and one for my desk and a small sink. The days after I moved in I felt so gloomy in that tiny nook and I came to realize the role color played in making a space feel good. A few colorful pillows, photos, and artwork and my closet went from ho hum to perky in minutes. And I loved that tiny dorm room as it allowed me to escape having a roommate and gave me a space that was truly my own, even if it was the size of a peanut. All this to say that color palettes are pretty rad and design seeds has a lot of ’em. I feel an addiction coming on. Enjoy!


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