Girlfriends and Flourless Cobbler

Last Thursday I hosted girls night in our home and it was one of the funnest nights I’ve had in a long time. It’s such a blessing to get together with girl friends and talk about girl things. So many funny things happened that night that made for one hilarious evening. Pokeno became a short game of Bunko with the gift part of Pokeno mixed in and it was really fun. I had two bunkos so I got to wear the bunko hat twice and I won some money for having the most bunkos. My chocolate cobbler didn’t turn out because I forgot one little ingredient…FLOUR!  The odd thing is I had the flour out on my counter, right next to the mixing bowl and when I put it away I didn’t think twice about it. The recipe I followed is this, and it should have looked like part cake, part chocolate puddingy goop but instead it looked like some hot watery chocolate sauce. I am the anti-Martha Stewart. Sharon thought I was exaggerating when I said the cobbler didn’t turn out so she went to look in the oven and much to her dismay there were no visible peaches! I made the cobbler again Saturday for Sharon and Karson and this time it was delicious. Flour makes a huge difference! I love my friends!


5 responses to “Girlfriends and Flourless Cobbler

  1. It was so yummy! And the company was even better!:)

  2. Thursday was definitely a comedy of errors but a great night, nonetheless! Thanks for hosting!

  3. Sounds like a fun and memorable night!

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