Lemony Goodness

The Lemony Chicken Saltimbocca was a hit! If you love lemon you will love this dish. I pounded the chicken fillets (inside a  ziplock gallon bag to avoid splatters) to 1″ thickness, these were especially thick and getting them any thinner would have taken more energy than I cared to expend. Anyway, I highly recommend pounding the chicken first as it keeps it tender and makes cooking faster. I think the next time around I’ll double the lemon sauce to have extra for the pasta and I will probably add a touch of olive oil to the pasta after it comes out of the water to make it less sticky and reliant on the lemon sauce.  Overall this recipe is great because it is fairly quick, delicious, healthy, and it looks really pretty on the plate. Oh and if you’ve never worked with prosciutto before be aware that it smells a bit sour if you have a sensitive nose – I spent a good 20 minutes googling “prosciutto smells” in the middle of prepping the meal. This recipe has been rated “outstanding” on the cooking light website with 39 reviews!

I haven’t made the spinach lasagna roll ups yet with our busy week but I intend to try it out very soon so I’ll keep you posted.

Hope your week is going well!


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