Recipe Recap

I promised notes on last week’s dinner recipes so here we go. All of the recipes were quite tasty! I think our favorite was the modified croque madame recipe, although the english muffin was a wee bit soggy from the sauce so next time we’ll use a sturdier bread. I was unsure about the sauce in the recipe but it was delicious and the nutmeg really gave the dish a great flavor, I think next time we’ll cut the amount of milk used in half because it made way too much sauce for four open-faced sandwiches. The bacon was a wise choice, I’m sure it would have tasted great with prosciutto but bacon makes everything better.

We also really loved the pasta/spinach salad and both had seconds since it was such a healthy meal. I didn’t stick to the recipe for this one so here is a run down of ingredients if you want to try this. This will definitely be a repeat contender for our meal planning, as will the croque madam.

  • spinach
  • whole grain bow tie pasta (we used barilla plus)
  • Brianna’s santa fe vinaigrette
  • cooked chicken, cut into small chunks
  • Feta
  • Bacon, cut into small pieces

We had bacon a few times this week and I’m feeling addicted. In the words of King Curtis, “bacon is good for me!” If you’re wondering what I’m talking about  you must google or youtube the words “king curtis bacon.” You won’t be sorry.

Now to recipes for this week: Lemony Chicken Saltimbocca and Spinach Lasagna Roll Ups. I had planned to go with the mini meat loaves and chicken enchiladas this week but I made a switch…it’s so hard to choose which recipes to try each week because they all sound delicious.

Happy Valentine’s Day, ya’ll! We’ll be cooking together and avoiding the crowds this evening.


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