A River Runs Through It

Jake and I returned Saturday night from a short get away in Missoula, Montana. We went to visit my aunt and uncle and try new snow activities. We packed in a lot of fun in our time there with dog sledding, snowmobiling, and snow shoeing. We also tried cross country skiing.

Here are some of the photos Jake took on the trip…I’ve retired my point and shoot for the time being – my photos all turn out grainy for some reason. I think it’s time to look for an upgrade but for now the iphone takes pretty good photos.

Dog sledding was so much fun. We went with Basecamp Bigfork in Bigfork around Loon Lake.  Mark is an awesome guide and his passion for dog sledding was contagious. He built his sled with a platform on the back so it’s easier to keep your balance and two people can mush at a time. The dogs were all really sweet and fun to play with. Two of the dogs got into a fight during my turn with the guide. He usually cross country skiis in front of the dogs to give them something to chase and keep them motivated but he rode with me since I didn’t want to mush it alone. As a result he didn’t have his poles with him to help break up the fight so it went on for awhile – these are Inuit dogs and they will fight to the death if not broken up. The guide was surprised that they didn’t fight more during the day. The commands are hup for go, whoa for slow, gee for right. While you wait your turn to mush you can hang out by the fire on Loon Lake and drink hot coco or give cross country skiing a try. Hup Hup Armine! Hup Hup Enzo!

Snowmobiling and snowshoeing were really fun and we got to see some breath-taking views that we wouldn’t have seen otherwise. I was nervous to go very fast on the snow mobile at first since I had never driven one before and I’m kind of a wimp like that…we had our own roads just for snow mobiles but we were on the edge of the mountain so I didn’t want to go too fast and fly off the mountain. Towards the end of the trip I got comfortable with driving and started going faster.

Snowshoeing is similar to hiking but it is more work. It’s so awesome to be in deep snow surrounded by creeks, trees and beautiful mountains. At one point we had to go up a fairly steep hill and I almost wanted to turn back but once we made it to the top it was pretty easy going down and the view was totally worth it.

We had a blast in Montana. It was so great to get away from our city life and visit with family and breathe in the crisp winter air and experience the lovely outdoors. Oh and the hot tub was marvelous at the end of the day…ahhhh. If you’ve seen A River Runs Through It you have seen where we were. We were really close to the Black Foot river where the boys fish and we snow shoed at Lolo pass which is really close to the bitter root mountains on the Idaho/Montana border. Lolo pass is where the boys would go to gamble.

You have to go to Montana if you love the outdoors, regardless of the season you will be in love with this state and the ways to explore the awesome surroundings there.

Thank you MB and Kevin for letting us come visit and planning the perfect trip for us. Wish we were still there!


2 responses to “A River Runs Through It

  1. Beautiful! I’ve only been to Montana in the summer, but your winter activities look like lots of fun.

  2. Oh my, those pics are A-MAZING! Mushing sounds like lots of fun 🙂 Wow, we are going to have to go someday!!

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