Happy 5th Anniversary, My Lurve

How do 5 years pass so quickly? I’m not sure…but I am sure of this: I would marry my sweet husband all over again. Today is the special day and tonight we’re celebrating with dinner at Craft and a night at the W where I’ll be treated to a massage at Bliss Spa on Saturday. The spa package was actually my Christmas gift from Jake and I decided this would be a great time to use it. I can’t wait for good food, celebrating and pampering!

It’s funny to me how I learn something new about Jake each day…stories from his childhood that I find interesting and things like that or simple things that don’t usually come up in conversation. I look at him now after 5 years of marriage and I think about how young we were when we got married (21 and 22), which isn’t all that young but it seems like we’re adults now and we were kids then – if you asked my 21-year-old self she would say she was an adult and that 26-year-old me is a nutter. I guess we’ve matured and changed in 5 years (in a good way) although those 5 years seemed like just two days. I guess my point is that as we grow and change and our relationship gets better and better. I love this man!

Even with a fumanchu…


2 responses to “Happy 5th Anniversary, My Lurve

  1. You always make me laugh. Love the last line the best…oh…and the picture. Pretty much amazing.

  2. Happy 5th! Hope y’all had a wonderful anniversary weekend 🙂

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