Happy 2010

2010 has potential to be a great year. We are both enjoying our work, decorating our first house, and having fun with our little dog. This August marks our 5th wedding anniversary – wow. Five years go by so quickly. I still adore my hubby and I’m so thankful for the time we have had together. I am also thankful that he decided to shave off the beard for the first time since October – it was getting a little out of control. If you aren’t on FB here’s a photo of the beard in all it’s glory, just moments before it was removed. I don’t have a pref when it comes to facial hair (he’s cute either way!) but I didn’t realize how crazy long it was before he shaved!

Anyway 2009 wrapped up nicely with almost 2 weeks off from work. This is the longest break I’ve had for 4 years and it was so nice. I enjoyed hanging out with friends and family during the holidays and I got caught up on my side project (I’ll share the blog soon)!

Here are my 2010 goals (in no particular order):

– sew! I received a sewing machine for Christmas after trying a class at City Craft on Lovers & Inwood. It was much easier than I expected and I’m excited to make things for the house, gifts, etc.

– be more giving of everything. It’s so easy to get set in my routine but I need to be more generous with my time, etc. We are so fortunate to have many friends, great families, and needs met.

– cook more often. My sister gave me an awesome cookbook that I can’t wait to try and I also picked up Alli’s favorite cookbook – everything I’ve tasted from it was delish!

– entertain more often. With all the new recipes I’ll need guests to put away the goods! Any takers?

– vacation! It’s our 5th anniversary! It would be nice to go to Italy – we typically go for beach vacations but its time to mix things up. Or we might just beach it up again. We’ll see.

May we all have a happy, healthy 2010!


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