I Heart November

It’s crazy time at work for me lately so I’ve been staying late most nights…it’s kind of creepy working in an office that is quiet except for a vacuum.  Anyway this week is going to be another doozy but there are some highlights I’m looking forward to.

I bought tickets for Jake’s birthday to see Imogen Heap tomorrow night at the grenada. I can’t wait! We saw her last show in Dallas a few years ago and she was awesome live.

Also, the New Moon premier is finally here! The tickets have been on sale for awhile now so of course my  cullen-obsessed work friends and I bought one for the midnight showing on Thursday (that’s right, we are hardcore)! I’ll be seeing it on Saturday morning as well with friends who are smart to think sleep is more important. I put off reading the Twilight books for a long time but finally after all the girls on my team read the books and loved them I caved and once you go vampire there’s no going back!

Peace, love & vamps


One response to “I Heart November

  1. i’m so excited about imogen/new moon week too! it will rule. now if we could just get through factory meetings and huddles…

    truer words have never been blogged: once you go vamp, you never go back.

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