I haven’t updated in almost a month but you haven’t missed much. Here’s a chronological recap of September:

There was a critter incident at a certain local restaurant in which not one, but TWO bugs crawled on the wall next to our table. It was horrific. The first time Jake smashed it with the dessert menu, the second time I jumped out of my chair and shouted. The waiter gave us our meal for free after this gem of a statement “Are you [kidding] me!!?? You guys are just having a [bad] day…”

My 26th birthday was on the 7th – it fell on Labor Day this year which was nice. I had a great day including a pedicure and lunch with my mom and grilling out with Jake.

Jake went on a business trip to San Fran for a week. I don’t mind it when he’s gone – I can eat cereal for dinner and watch all the girly movies I want. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder. My life is so dull when he’s not around!

The same week Jake got back we were scheduled to leave for a family trip to Crete but it wasn’t meant to be. Se agapo, Yiaya.

I bought Trevor an early Halloween t-shirt. I couldn’t help myself – it even glows in the dark!

Picture 9

peace, love and chubby birds


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