Anniversary in Wimberley

Jake surprised me with a mini road trip to Wimberley for our 4th anniversary! We arrived on Friday at 5, just in time to check in and relax a little. We had dinner at The Leaning Pear – a cute little restaurant with tasty salads, sandwiches and dinner specials. It was delicious!


On Saturday we ate breakfast at our B&B and shopped in the square. Our only purchase was a vintage sunshine crackers tin – we didn’t do much damage. After shopping we visited a knitting store with alpacas and a rock garden.

Rock Garden


Next we visited an olive vineyard and sampled fresh olive oil, jams, and vinegars. It was hard leaving without buying one of everything but we left with fresh olive oil and raspberry balsalmic. I can’t wait to make salad! The owner of the vineyard is doing this as a hobby – he used to be an executive at IBM and he told interesting stories about meeting with Steve Jobs to hear his pre-success business ideas.

For dinner we went to Marco’s in the square. The food was authentic Italian with delicious pasta, pizza, and homemade tiramisu. We enjoyed the food and I would recommend it but our waiter was on his B game. He did only two things – bring our salads and pick up the check. Marco’s wife and another waitress took care of us when they noticed we needed something but Jake was without water for most of the meal.

Deer Family


After dinner we attended a concert for Kevin Welch – a country singer and songwriter who recently moved to Wimberley.  A girl sang along with him and her voice was amazing.

The weekend was so much fun and it was so nice to get away and spend time with my hubby. The last four years have flown by and I’m so excited for the future. I’m so blessed!


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