Pockets Needs A Home

Pockets is an 8 month old schnauzer yorkie mix like Trevor. He is between 8 and 10 pounds, he has been fixed, and he is up to date on all shots. His parents are getting rid of him because they have some mysophobia (germ issues). He does not shed and he would make a great companion for families without toddlers or pets as he gets a little jealous. Other than that he is the best little dog with a very sweet and calm temperament. He does well in a crate and he is perfectly content to lay down while you are busy. He has been through some training and he is fully potty trained but he needs some work on stay and come.

We will be keeping him through the last week of August while the family is away and we are trying to find a good home for him in the meantime. If you know someone who is interested in a sweet little dog let me know!

Pockets (14a)smallersize

UPDATE: Pockets found a home! I knew it wouldn’t take long for this little guy to be picked up.


One response to “Pockets Needs A Home

  1. I adore your puppy! I would take him in a heartbeat if we didn’t already have four. Yes, FOUR. Let me know if you’d like me to put this on my blog to help you look for a home, though.


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