I think I’m having a mid-twenties crisis lately. I’m 25 and stuck in the same routine of working, sleeping, eating. Jake and I are not ready for kids yet but I feel restless. I get bored when I’m not flexing my creative muscles and although my job is pretty creative I have had this craving to paint something or brush up on my drawing skills.

I’ve also been more focused on home design with our newish house that we are slowly decorating. One of my friends and coworkers is in exactly the same spot – two nuts in a rut you could say – so we’ve decided to partner up and create a home blog. Why not? It will give us more projects to do (i.e. creative outlet) and we’ll have some great before and after photos. I’ve been dreaming of starting a home blog for several months now and I’m so excited to finally make it happen.

We would also like to get involved in the Dallas design community by interviewing local interior designers and boutique owners and posting tours of their houses. It is hard to find local decorators without having personal connections. There should be an easier way to find interior designers on the internets…like through our blog!

We will be working on house projects and other exciting to dos until we have enough material prepared to go live. I can’t wait! In the meantime, if you need a little help painting or coming up with decorating ideas give me a shout.

peace, love, and chubby birds


2 responses to “Restless

  1. Jen, I love the blog! Thanks for sharing the cookie recipe. I can’t wait to try them!

  2. I know the restless feeling. I think that is how I feel everyday it seems. Jordan and I are not ready for children either. He is in grad school and we definitely want to get that under his belt before we start a family. I do the same thing every day. I wish that there were more time for me to scrapbook and work on my baking and cookie/cake decorating skills. I told Jordan recently that we need to start having a hobby night at least once a month and we need to schedule at least two date nights a month. Let me know if you find any way around this restlessness 🙂

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