It Was a Good Day

Today was a good day for many reasons. First, it is my 4th anniversary of being married to my sweet husband. I’m so proud of who he has become. He keeps me laughing with his sharp wit and he is so wise. I love him even more now than I did one year ago and as time goes on I’m sure it will keep getting better.

Trevor had a heart worm test today and it came back negative. I was a little worried about him and as sick as this might sound to some – he is like my kid. An added bonus was that he behaved really well at the vet. Another little dog was going nuts and he didn’t bark back. I’m so proud of him!

Everything seems funny today. The world of soft accessories and eye wear is always exciting. Everyone on my team has the lyrics “Oh girl you know its true, ew ew ew I love you” stuck in our heads so this part of the song can be heard randomly throughout the day. It’s a really uplifting team to work with because we’re always laughing. I feel like we’re in a TV show sometimes.

I really love what I do. Today I finished up my tech packs (design inspiration) for Fall 2010 and sent them off to the factory. This is one of my favorite things about my job. I love the entire process of product development but the funnest task by far is putting together trend research.

Oh and tomorrow we are heading out of town for a little anniversary road trip. I’m not sure where we’re going (it’s a surprise) but I know it will be super fun. I’m so looking forward to not working and being stuck in a car with my lurve for four hours.

Happy Weekend!


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