Trevor the Snorkie

Today is Trevor’s 2nd birthday. We don’t have any plans to spoil him today because he gets spoiled year round. Last year I thought of having a dog cake for him with some birthday hats but we were moving into our house so instead he got a new back yard to chase squirrels in.


Trevor is our first pet together and he is like a child to us. It’s been so fun watching him grow from a puppy to an adult. He is such a sweet dog and he loves to be right next to us at all times. He also loves to chase and be chased. He gets riled up when we play and it’s funny to watch him dart from room to room.


Lately there have been many fire trucks in our neighborhood and T likes to mimic the sirens. We have to keep ourselves from laughing or he will stop and look at us like “what?”

Yes he is in our bed.  No we don’t let him sleep with us but he jumps in our bed in the morning and we’re okay with that.

It’s so great to come home to our little dog. He’s so excited to see us and he wants our undivided attention. He’s also a great chick flick companion when Jake is out of town and he can’t complain about how cheesy the movies are. We’ve had so many good memories with T and hopefully there are many more to come.

Happy birthday little dude!


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