Guest Bedroom in Progress

We finally purchased a mattress a couple of weeks ago (we’ve had the bed and linens for months) and now the guest bedroom is starting to come together. This room was a butter cream color before – the color the previous owners used throughout the house. I don’t especially like whites, creams, or light beige for walls and I’ve been craving a brown room. I knew Jake wasn’t sold on the idea so we used it in the guest room – the best place to experiment – and he loves it almost as much as I do. The color is benjamin moore “classic brown.” I struggled at first finding a neutral brown but this is the perfect color.  A tip to do-it-yourselfers when it comes to dark colors: hire a professional or use a lighter color. The walls look a little splotchy (it was my first time to paint) and the flaws show up on dark colors. Oh well!


Another canvas covered with fabric from Ikea:


I’m not completely satisfied with the canvas above the bed – I think I need something larger and I may switch to a white night stand but for now it will do. Hotel Morse is officially in business!


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