Maui Trip

Four years ago in August we honeymooned in Maui and Kauai. We loved it so we agreed to visit again.  Since then we’ve barely had time to travel so when our schedules freed up a bit we decided it was time for an indulgent vacation. We stayed at a house on the south shore of Maui and we had a great week of relaxation. We went to the beach most days and tried to get some sun and enjoy the waves.


Dinner at Longhi’s:


We spent an afternoon in the boutiques in Paia and dined at Paia Fish Market. They make the BEST french fries ever and yummy fish, chicken and burgers. After lunch we headed to the windsurfing beach. Usually there are hundreds of windsurfers and they do crazy stunts but there wasn’t much wind.

Windsurfing beach:


On day 5 we sailed to Lanai, a nearby island previously owned by Dole for pineapple plantations. There are a couple of resorts with a private beach and great snorkeling. We snorkeled and spotted some colorful fish and checked out the lava pools. Then we took a van tour of the island while the crew prepared a tasty dinner. On the way back the crew told us all the whales were gone for the season so we were surprised when a 30 foot humpback whale breeched several times and flipped. It was beautiful!

Lava Pools in Lanai:




We had a great trip and it was the most relaxed we’ve been in a long time. I think beach trips will be mandatory each year from now on. It was great spending time with Jake with no laptops or to-do’s to distract us.


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